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The Rava/Rawa Rajput is a sub-group of the  indian Rajput clan also categorized as high cast rajputs as its members claim descendancy from different ancestors and dynasties. and are associated with another 6 of the 36 Rajput clans: the Geholot, Kushwaha, Tanwar, Yadu, Chauhan and Panwar. Most members add the title Singh & Verma to their surname; others who belong to Chouhan clans of the Agni Vans, identify themselves with the names Kataria or Graid, Panwar clans of Agni Vans, identify themselves with the name of Tondak or Dhariya, Tanwar Clans  of Chandra Vans identify themselves with name of Tanwar or Mogha. The clan also subdivides into castre on the basis of  social acceptance.

Rajput were an historical warrior clan of Rajasthan  whose descendants have migrated widely throughout other indian states, particularly to Bihar and Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujrat and Madhya Pradesh and to Delhi and southern Indian cities. Rawa Rajputs in New Delhi  are concentrationed in its parts that were once independent villages Naraina, Khampur, Basai Darapur, Nangal Raya, Titarpur, Taimoor Nagar, Harinagar, Bamdoli, Subzimandi and Wazirpur and some area in Delhi Sagarpur, Jeevan Park, and Chanchal Park. Other concentrations occur in the district of Bijnore (84 villages), Khatuali in Muzaffarnagar, UP. (27 villages), Mutineer, U.P. (3 Villages), Baghpat , U.P. district of western Uttar Pradesh (24 villages), and the Saharanpur District.


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